Erin Burns’ photographic paintings

Erin’s work mixes photography and painting. She explains: “I began this latest series by photographing the environs of my new surroundings, including images of spring buds and alien foliage in an unfamiliar landscape. I make intuitive responses to the images with paint, marker, bleach, heat, and resin. The moment of making is inspired by what is on my mind – letting go, rebirth, love and loss, and isolation – all subjects that have arisen from moving across the pond.”

Erin is interested in catching quiet moments of natural beauty which she then subjugates with mark-making. Creating moments in time that reflect a melancholic attachment to the organic world, she investigates the formal qualities of painting utilising a process of layering various mediums. A process that is both additive and subtractive develops into an exploration of the relationships created through the juxtaposition of shapes. The titles for this series predominately come from the music she listens to while working, and literary influences.

More of Erin’s work can be seen on her website

152305746Picklepie Farm
lonelinessofatowercranedriver_newThe Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
My Heart Still Beats For You
3Tangled Up In Love
115492432They Dont Love You Like I Love You III

Paul Dobie’s Norwegian Landscapes

Paul worked for the trust at PRH in Estates as a maintenance electrician and has just received his 25 years’ service award. His interest in photography started whilst travelling around the world during his army service, way back in 1969, with a small instant 35mm film camera. Slowly over the years he got bigger and better cameras allowing him to develop his skills in astrophotography. So the sky is literally the limit.

These photos are from a recent cruise in Norway, and feature the Northern Lights.