Mosaics to celebrate love, peace and joy

These mosaics are by Pat Shields who is a specialist radiographer with the Macmillan Team in the Sussex Cancer Centre.

I started mosaicing about 5 years ago when I needed my kitchen tiled but my budget didn’t stretch to a tiler! So I tiled the kitchen with broken pieces of china and mirror resulting in a Gaudi style kitchen. Looking at the kitchen always made me feel cheerful so I wanted something for the sitting room. I decided to start with the title JOY and see what I could come up with. After a few months sketching ideas and ruminating I came up with this idea, dancing naked under a full moon …

Love and peace in my mind are 2 of the few really important things in life so they had to have representation. The bird is a loose description of a bird of Paradise, not a dove.

I work as a specialist radiographer with the Macmillan Team in the Sussex Cancer Centre. I have worked with cancer patients since I was 19 , I am now 61 , this has perhaps taught me what is important and given me a deep appreciation of my own good health.

Love, Peace and Joy are amongst the best things in life and they are all free!




A rose

I carry this photograph of a rose with me along with some other personal photographs in my bag. When I look at this picture it makes me think about how to hold something or contain it without crushing it. How to allow it to develop or open up in a safe environment. I am very interested in art as therapy and expression.

Denise Guy-Davies


A worry doll

This tiny wool doll belongs to Sarah Wotton. She brought it along to the Onward Arts drop in day at Audrey Emerton Building in April. She says “My touchstone at work was a found object in the office.  It is only a tiny piece of wool to most eyes but to me it was a serendipitous find and looked like a worry doll.  As well as painting, I enjoy working with mixed media and textiles  and have also had an interest in Guatemalan worry dolls.  Guatemalan worry dolls are traditionally  handmade for children so that they can tell their worries to the doll and then put them under their pillow.  During the night the doll then takes their worries away.  My little doll is on my wall at work and as well as feeling like a lucky find, she grounds me by giving me the reassurance and reminder that there is more than work in our lives.”