The Catcher of My Fall

Posting another poem by Nick Hawkins. Happily, there is more poetry to come from other staff too.

The Catcher of My Fall

You’re my sanctuary of life,
my road to Mandalay,
my silver lined horizons,
and sunny month of May.

You’re my answer to all the questions
my light in darkened skies,
my voice for my emotions,
and vision within my eyes.

You’re my calendar of dreams,
my smile throughout the pain,
my laughter on darkened days,
and protection from the rains.

You’re the life that keeps me going,
my tide that washes shores,
my reason for kissing the moon tonight,
and the key to unlocking doors.

You are my ending destiny,
my journeys final call,
my companion for all eternity,
the catcher of my fall.


Poetry please

I am very happy that we have our first staff poetry on the staff arts blog, submitted by Nick Hawkins, who works in Receipt & Distribution (Pharmacy).  Nick explains, “I did not study or try to write poetry it just kind of arrived and it’s only when a friend from Brighton General Hospital Transport Team back in 2004 asked me if he could post some of my work I decided to try and see where in the world my writing would stand. I just felt I wanted to write rather than scream or shout and this channels my deeper moments.”

Nick’s poetry has been published by Annmarie Lockhart (Unbound Content) and by Vox Poetica. Further work can be read on his website:

As poems need space, I will post one at a time.  So watch here for the second poem next week. Thanks very much Nick.

Beat Still, Heart

Beat still, heart,

quiet, but quick of step I hear them giggling,

populating empty cerebral corridors,

resembling excited children with their colour and glory,

radiant in rose tinted spectacles,

appearing wider than I recall.


A shift from vivid images,

past happiness continues to sail in from yesterday, last year or another lifetime,

on a breeze infusing longing desire.


Our comfort is a huddle of warmth,

from soft arms cradling wrapped delicate shoulders of a weary life traveller,

the whisper of love sets these priceless memories free,

where once again they become our smile…….


beat again sweet heart……