Drawings and sketches

These drawings and doodles are by Jo Jenner, who works as a healthcare assistant in the Lawson Unit. 

I have been drawing all my life, I draw and paint most days and if I am not drawing then I find myself thinking about drawing. Some of my influences include: William Hogarth, David Hockney, David Shrigley and Modern Toss!

The feeling I get from drawing is that of ultimate relaxation, concentration and contentedness. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to draw, another form of communication and if I can inspire others then that’s all the better.

Without drawing, and doodling at work I know I would not be the same person.

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One of the patterns in this quilt is called Grandmother’s wheel, so I used a photo of my Grandmother in it. This then spilled into incorporating photos of family members, bits of fabric from clothes of the family and furniture fabric into the quilt.

This is a security blanket, full of touchstones, linked to special memories of people I love.

Debbie Bradstock