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Dear All

Thanks to all of you for your continuing involvement in the Onward Arts staff art programme. I have really enjoyed seeing all your submissions since the blog started. We are now taking a summer break and applying for new funds in order to continue the work from September. In the meantime we are no longer taking submissions. I will update the blog again in September when we know more about the programme for 2018. Happy holidays. Liz, Mary and Anna.

New staff art exhibition

Last week myself and Mary Hooper installed the new staff art exhibition in the link corridor on the first floor of the Barry Building. We had submissions from fourteen different members of staff across different departments in the hospital. The work includes photography, drawing, painting, computer art and textiles. As we were installing the work, we received numerous positive comments from passing patients, carers and staff about the quality of the work, and its contribution to the hospital environment.

Erin Burns’ work goes on display at PRH

We are very excited to have installed new work on the second floor of PRH in the corridors leading to the Education Centre. The images are reproductions of unique works by Erin Burns, who is Strategic Redesign Manager currently working for Eastbourne, Hailford and Seaford CCG, and a practicing artist. These replace previous work that has been on the wall since the early 1990s.

Erin’s work involves delicately painting and marking the surface of a photograph which is then mounted on aluminium and then covered in multiplelayers of viscous polymer resin and paint. The viewer appears to be looking through a translucent solid where textures, layers, and imagery converge. Erin’s images often begin with walks around gardens and outdoor spaces – often at night – where she search for quiet moments of natural beauty. She explains, “The trees, shrubs, and tangles of plant life which we pass by daily – form the starting point for my work.  I create images with my rustic holga camera or ancient 35mm SLR. Part of the joy is getting film developed to see what has been captured. Light leaks from the basic camera often adding an eerie glow and interest. The images are then blown up and mounted on aluminium dibond. These images are then intuitively subjugated with mark making, paint, spray paint, and resin”

Erin Burns was born and grew up in the USA, receiving a Masters of Fine Arts degree from New York University. She relocated to the UK in 2003.

Here are some images of Erin’s work being installed in PRH last friday (02.06.17). Thanks to the team for all their help! And many thanks to Erin for allowing us to use reproductions of her work.

For more of Erin’s work please visit her website












Sally Clark’s poem about care

Sally Clark is a Senior Perioperative Care Assistant working in Paediatric Theatres at the Alex Children’s Hospital.  She has worked in Theatres for the last sixteen years (Old and New Alex) and enjoys the interaction with both patients and carers.

Since leaving Senior School, Sally has found poetry (and reflective accounts) beneficial  to her wellbeing and, like her late mother, has kept a written diary to record significant events.

Here is a poem she has submitted:

As carer’s we listen attentively to all of our patients;
Young or old they often express their impatience and frustration.
They are nervous, scared and afraid of the unknown
So we distract, tell jokes – and for babies multiple bubbles are blown!

Put yourself in their place to understand how they feel
And never tell a patient being in Hospital is not a Big Deal!
Care for others how you would like to be cared for yourself
Then you will fully appreciate how to bring them back to good health!

Drawings by Charlotte Donald Wilson

Charlotte is a biomedical scientist who is currently working on the bank in Histopathology.  Her role is to examine human tissue cell samples microscopically.  She explains, “I have been living in Brighton since I began Biological Sciences at Brighton University. Since a young age I have been unsure whether to gravitate more towards a career in art or science, my two passions. Recently I have tried to combine the two by drawing things that fascinate me from the scientific world. My work can now be viewed in several displays around Brighton and Hove. I have also recently undertaken a series of commission pieces to raise awareness for depression and general mental health.”

To see more of Charlottle’s work please visit her facebook page:



beetles kidney-tiffammonitearachnids



Transforming a Canvas

Kumar Pallavur is a cardiologist working at both the County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. He explains, “I love nature and art. Art is my hobby. I use both oil and acrylic for the landscapes and abstracts I do. I find it very relaxing and satisfying to see how colours can transform a white canvas. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to share them.”




New exhibition by Darren Baldwin

We are delighted to announce a new exhibition of works by Darren Baldwin, Genius Loci – a Hospital in Transition from the 19th to 21st Century. The exhibition will run from October 5th to mid January in the link corridor Level 3, Thomas Kemp Tower.


Here is some further information:
These photographs by Darren Baldwin, taken during 2015 and 2016, offer a unique record of some of the hospital’s oldest structures, including the Stephen Ralli Building and the Latilla Building. These buildings are among a number that are due to be demolished in 2017 as part of the hospital’s redevelopment.

Each of the images in the exhibition offers many possible stories of events and encounters that have taken place, and of the staff and patients who occupied the spaces. They show scenes and fragments of things past – an emotional and clinical inventory of objects and spaces.

Through Darren’s eyes, we are shown the switches and handles worn by touch; the state-of-the-art machines now laid to rest; and the traces of years of staff care and attention. Most touching of all are the small signs that show how staff personalized the institutional systems of which they were part: the hand-written notes and notices, the decorations on the walls; the improvised designs. These give the vacated spaces atmosphere and character.

The pictures reflect Darren’s sensibility not just as a photographer, but as a nurse who understands the culture of the workplace and how it leaves its marks. He sees everything.

Nothing in these photographs will remain. They are valuable memories, preserved forever as images, for current generations to reflect and future generations to learn.

Darren will also be photographing the Barry Building before it is demolished.

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Are you a practicing artist? Do you like to be creative? Do you have any arts hobbies? We are looking for new material for the staff arts blog. We welcome all material: photography, painting, drawing, poetry, creative writing, textiles, ceramics and sculpture.  This is an open submission so the work can be on any theme or subject.

This blog is an online space for staff across the hospital to share and celebrate creativity,  and to learn more about each other’s skills, talents and interests. It is part of Onward Arts’ staff arts programme, which aims to provide creative platforms to support staff across the whole hospital.

Submissions can be made by emailing

Please attach some jpegs of your work and a few sentences about yourself and the work you have made. If you are unsure about how to photograph your work or how to create jpegs you are welcome to email us for advice.