Erin Burns’ photographic paintings

Erin’s work mixes photography and painting. She explains: “I began this latest series by photographing the environs of my new surroundings, including images of spring buds and alien foliage in an unfamiliar landscape. I make intuitive responses to the images with paint, marker, bleach, heat, and resin. The moment of making is inspired by what is on my mind – letting go, rebirth, love and loss, and isolation – all subjects that have arisen from moving across the pond.”

Erin is interested in catching quiet moments of natural beauty which she then subjugates with mark-making. Creating moments in time that reflect a melancholic attachment to the organic world, she investigates the formal qualities of painting utilising a process of layering various mediums. A process that is both additive and subtractive develops into an exploration of the relationships created through the juxtaposition of shapes. The titles for this series predominately come from the music she listens to while working, and literary influences.

More of Erin’s work can be seen on her website

152305746Picklepie Farm
lonelinessofatowercranedriver_newThe Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
My Heart Still Beats For You
3Tangled Up In Love
115492432They Dont Love You Like I Love You III

New artworks in Orthoptics

The refurbishment of orthoptics included re-modelled waiting areas for children and adults separately. The staff were keen to bring something lively and playful into the children’s area and artworks which brought a luminosity into the windowless adults waiting area.

Angela Evans created two panels of ceramic tiles which work a bit like fish tanks. The detailing in the tiles includes hidden numbers and letters so as well as tactile exploration, the panels encourage playful interaction between children and parents while they are waiting.

Steve Geliot created two backlit photographic lightboxes for the adult waiting area featuring familiar local scenes around and after sunset: the West Pier at very low tide, and a flock of starlings in murmuration just as the sun slides behind a very calm sea. The illuminated photographs perform the function of windows bringing interest light and colour into the space, as well as creating a very calm mood.

image002-1 image001-1

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.29.42