Transforming a Canvas

Kumar Pallavur is a cardiologist working at both the County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal in Haywards Heath. He explains, “I love nature and art. Art is my hobby. I use both oil and acrylic for the landscapes and abstracts I do. I find it very relaxing and satisfying to see how colours can transform a white canvas. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to share them.”




New paintings and drawings

Natasza Lentner, Head of Resilience, shares some recently-made drawings and paintings.

I’ve always been pretty creative but working full time has meant I’ve not had much time to explore my arty side recently. As an A&E nurse I was pretty hands on looking after patients, attending to dressings, applying plaster of Paris, mixing up medications. I didn’t really miss spending time with my pens and pencils, maybe because nursing felt quite creative. Since being in an office job for the last few years I’ve really started to notice an longing to create something purely for pleasure. I’d lost confidence in my skills and wasn’t sure where to start so I signed up for an evening art course. Over the following 10 weeks I re-learnt basic skills, practised new techniques and tried to curb bad habits I’d picked up over the years. I surprised myself with the materials I liked working with and with the work I created.

Here is some of the work I produced during the 10 week course using different materials and techniques. Drawn using my non dominant hand.


image7 image6  image4 image3 image2 image1image5

Visual art by Marie Claire Elvinia

Marie Claire Elvinia, a staff nurse in ITU in PRH, has submitted these paintings to the blog. 

DSC02208 low res
#1 Memorial Flower
The poppy is more than a symbol of remembrance.  It is also a hopeful flower….of life following death and of the triumph of nature.

DSC02218 low res
#2 Intricacy of Life
Life is full of complication. My painting resembles life from within.

DSC02212 low res
#3 Leap of Faith
Life is too short and far too precious to waste. Sometimes we fear failure so much that we refuse to try new things, things that will bring us joy in our life.

She has also sent us this photograph:

DSC02027 low res

Duck is symbolic of knowing, communication, letting go and luck…..Duck speaks up about how it feels which I can relate to.Therefore, duck has much to teach about speaking for yourself and speaking your truth. Doing so is very cleansing for the soul and puts you back into the natural groove of being just who you are and you were born to be.