A photo a day…..

By Natasza Lentner, Head of Resilience, shares some photographs from a project in which she undertook the take a photograph every day for a year.

I’ve always been interested in photography and rarely go anywhere without my camera! In 2013 I decided to try the 365 project whereby you take a photo everyday for a year. I managed to keep it going for almost 6 months before other commitments meant I no longer had the time to give to the project.

Although I didn’t finish the project I did love the fact that taking a photo every single day forced me to think about using different styles and techniques.  I uploaded my photos everyday onto a blog, some photos were not my favourite aesthetically but were interesting experiments in lighting, colour, shutter speeds or focusing and a few ended up being some of my favourite photographs.

Below are some of the best photos from my project. All of these photographs were taken locally either in Brighton or on the journey from Brighton to Haywards Heath.



image8image3  image4image6    image1image2







Photos from around Brighton

Malky Trance, a nurse in the Main Outpatients Department, regularly photographs around Brighton.

I always have my phone with me and have made a point of getting one with a pretty good camera, as far as phone cameras go, that way you can just grab a shot there and then. The seafront is ever changing and always interesting any time of day, the obvious pier, sunsets and cloudy days, beach stuff and people, and general views, always different depending on weather and time of day, there is also quite a few beautiful buildings and structures around that offer great shots, and the flowers where on the dividing island strip on eastern road, and the colourful lanterns and decor are the restaurant the “Curry Leaf”.


DSC_0234Sun no beams







Visual art by Marie Claire Elvinia

Marie Claire Elvinia, a staff nurse in ITU in PRH, has submitted these paintings to the blog. 

DSC02208 low res
#1 Memorial Flower
The poppy is more than a symbol of remembrance.  It is also a hopeful flower….of life following death and of the triumph of nature.

DSC02218 low res
#2 Intricacy of Life
Life is full of complication. My painting resembles life from within.

DSC02212 low res
#3 Leap of Faith
Life is too short and far too precious to waste. Sometimes we fear failure so much that we refuse to try new things, things that will bring us joy in our life.

She has also sent us this photograph:

DSC02027 low res

Duck is symbolic of knowing, communication, letting go and luck…..Duck speaks up about how it feels which I can relate to.Therefore, duck has much to teach about speaking for yourself and speaking your truth. Doing so is very cleansing for the soul and puts you back into the natural groove of being just who you are and you were born to be.

A rose

I carry this photograph of a rose with me along with some other personal photographs in my bag. When I look at this picture it makes me think about how to hold something or contain it without crushing it. How to allow it to develop or open up in a safe environment. I am very interested in art as therapy and expression.

Denise Guy-Davies