Paul Dobie’s Norwegian Landscapes

Paul worked for the trust at PRH in Estates as a maintenance electrician and has just received his 25 years’ service award. His interest in photography started whilst travelling around the world during his army service, way back in 1969, with a small instant 35mm film camera. Slowly over the years he got bigger and better cameras allowing him to develop his skills in astrophotography. So the sky is literally the limit.

These photos are from a recent cruise in Norway, and feature the Northern Lights.









New exhibition by Darren Baldwin

We are delighted to announce a new exhibition of works by Darren Baldwin, Genius Loci – a Hospital in Transition from the 19th to 21st Century. The exhibition will run from October 5th to mid January in the link corridor Level 3, Thomas Kemp Tower.


Here is some further information:
These photographs by Darren Baldwin, taken during 2015 and 2016, offer a unique record of some of the hospital’s oldest structures, including the Stephen Ralli Building and the Latilla Building. These buildings are among a number that are due to be demolished in 2017 as part of the hospital’s redevelopment.

Each of the images in the exhibition offers many possible stories of events and encounters that have taken place, and of the staff and patients who occupied the spaces. They show scenes and fragments of things past – an emotional and clinical inventory of objects and spaces.

Through Darren’s eyes, we are shown the switches and handles worn by touch; the state-of-the-art machines now laid to rest; and the traces of years of staff care and attention. Most touching of all are the small signs that show how staff personalized the institutional systems of which they were part: the hand-written notes and notices, the decorations on the walls; the improvised designs. These give the vacated spaces atmosphere and character.

The pictures reflect Darren’s sensibility not just as a photographer, but as a nurse who understands the culture of the workplace and how it leaves its marks. He sees everything.

Nothing in these photographs will remain. They are valuable memories, preserved forever as images, for current generations to reflect and future generations to learn.

Darren will also be photographing the Barry Building before it is demolished.

Rex Pemberton – Creating art using code

We have our first artwork using computer code by Rex Pemberton, who works as a porter at the Royal Alexander Childrens Hospital.

Rex explains, “Computer code, itself a creation of mathematics, has the ability to create images. Our culture believes mathematics to be the natural language of nature. By using complex numbers and a bit of trigonometry it is easy to create abstract, yet believable, images. Such images have the attribute of being mathematically true. They also have the potential to be real. They are, indeed, artefacts created using the language of nature.”rex-pemberton-alien-driftwoodAlien Driftwood


rex-pemberton-landscape-without-figuresLandscape Without Figures

rex-pemberton-shadows-cast-by-an-imaginary-objectShadows Cast by An Imaginary Object

rex-pemberton-sometimes-the-wall-looks-back-at-youSometimes the Wall Looks Back at You

The Catcher of My Fall

Posting another poem by Nick Hawkins. Happily, there is more poetry to come from other staff too.

The Catcher of My Fall

You’re my sanctuary of life,
my road to Mandalay,
my silver lined horizons,
and sunny month of May.

You’re my answer to all the questions
my light in darkened skies,
my voice for my emotions,
and vision within my eyes.

You’re my calendar of dreams,
my smile throughout the pain,
my laughter on darkened days,
and protection from the rains.

You’re the life that keeps me going,
my tide that washes shores,
my reason for kissing the moon tonight,
and the key to unlocking doors.

You are my ending destiny,
my journeys final call,
my companion for all eternity,
the catcher of my fall.


Poetry please

I am very happy that we have our first staff poetry on the staff arts blog, submitted by Nick Hawkins, who works in Receipt & Distribution (Pharmacy).  Nick explains, “I did not study or try to write poetry it just kind of arrived and it’s only when a friend from Brighton General Hospital Transport Team back in 2004 asked me if he could post some of my work I decided to try and see where in the world my writing would stand. I just felt I wanted to write rather than scream or shout and this channels my deeper moments.”

Nick’s poetry has been published by Annmarie Lockhart (Unbound Content) and by Vox Poetica. Further work can be read on his website:

As poems need space, I will post one at a time.  So watch here for the second poem next week. Thanks very much Nick.

Beat Still, Heart

Beat still, heart,

quiet, but quick of step I hear them giggling,

populating empty cerebral corridors,

resembling excited children with their colour and glory,

radiant in rose tinted spectacles,

appearing wider than I recall.


A shift from vivid images,

past happiness continues to sail in from yesterday, last year or another lifetime,

on a breeze infusing longing desire.


Our comfort is a huddle of warmth,

from soft arms cradling wrapped delicate shoulders of a weary life traveller,

the whisper of love sets these priceless memories free,

where once again they become our smile…….


beat again sweet heart……


Submit your artwork here

flyer for staff arts

Are you a practicing artist? Do you like to be creative? Do you have any arts hobbies? We are looking for new material for the staff arts blog. We welcome all material: photography, painting, drawing, poetry, creative writing, textiles, ceramics and sculpture.  This is an open submission so the work can be on any theme or subject.

This blog is an online space for staff across the hospital to share and celebrate creativity,  and to learn more about each other’s skills, talents and interests. It is part of Onward Arts’ staff arts programme, which aims to provide creative platforms to support staff across the whole hospital.

Submissions can be made by emailing

Please attach some jpegs of your work and a few sentences about yourself and the work you have made. If you are unsure about how to photograph your work or how to create jpegs you are welcome to email us for advice.

Touchstones panel in Barry Building

A new text-based artwork, commissioned and produced by Onward Arts, has been installed this week in the corridor of the Barry Building. The words and phrases are direct quotes from hospital staff shared with Onward Arts in response to the theme of Emotional Touchstones. This theme has guided Onward Arts’ staff arts programme, as a means to think personally about the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment.

The panel brings together words and phrases ‘collected’ by Mary Hooper and Liz Orton during drop-in workshops during which staff spoke about how their personal and professional lives overlap. The panel was designed and produced by Mary Hooper and Liz Orton of Onward Arts.





New artworks in Orthoptics

The refurbishment of orthoptics included re-modelled waiting areas for children and adults separately. The staff were keen to bring something lively and playful into the children’s area and artworks which brought a luminosity into the windowless adults waiting area.

Angela Evans created two panels of ceramic tiles which work a bit like fish tanks. The detailing in the tiles includes hidden numbers and letters so as well as tactile exploration, the panels encourage playful interaction between children and parents while they are waiting.

Steve Geliot created two backlit photographic lightboxes for the adult waiting area featuring familiar local scenes around and after sunset: the West Pier at very low tide, and a flock of starlings in murmuration just as the sun slides behind a very calm sea. The illuminated photographs perform the function of windows bringing interest light and colour into the space, as well as creating a very calm mood.

image002-1 image001-1

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.29.42