Rex Pemberton – Creating art using code

We have our first artwork using computer code by Rex Pemberton, who works as a porter at the Royal Alexander Childrens Hospital.

Rex explains, “Computer code, itself a creation of mathematics, has the ability to create images. Our culture believes mathematics to be the natural language of nature. By using complex numbers and a bit of trigonometry it is easy to create abstract, yet believable, images. Such images have the attribute of being mathematically true. They also have the potential to be real. They are, indeed, artefacts created using the language of nature.”rex-pemberton-alien-driftwoodAlien Driftwood


rex-pemberton-landscape-without-figuresLandscape Without Figures

rex-pemberton-shadows-cast-by-an-imaginary-objectShadows Cast by An Imaginary Object

rex-pemberton-sometimes-the-wall-looks-back-at-youSometimes the Wall Looks Back at You

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