Sally Clark’s poem about care

Sally Clark is a Senior Perioperative Care Assistant working in Paediatric Theatres at the Alex Children’s Hospital.  She has worked in Theatres for the last sixteen years (Old and New Alex) and enjoys the interaction with both patients and carers.

Since leaving Senior School, Sally has found poetry (and reflective accounts) beneficial  to her wellbeing and, like her late mother, has kept a written diary to record significant events.

Here is a poem she has submitted:

As carer’s we listen attentively to all of our patients;
Young or old they often express their impatience and frustration.
They are nervous, scared and afraid of the unknown
So we distract, tell jokes – and for babies multiple bubbles are blown!

Put yourself in their place to understand how they feel
And never tell a patient being in Hospital is not a Big Deal!
Care for others how you would like to be cared for yourself
Then you will fully appreciate how to bring them back to good health!

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